For PAON DESIGN, an ingenious textile product requires a great
deal of research in order to offer the perfect textile according to a need, whether it is from a residential or commercial interior design or landscaping project.




Creation, Design and Manufacture

of textile products

From concept to manufacturing, PAON DESIGN creates your textile products in a practical way, combining simplicity and clean, sleek design without compromising the final product’s quality and aesthetics. The design is a result of research, involving the search for fabrics and materials according to a desire, a need or to solve a problem.

Any textile creation is possible at PAON DESIGN; we invent it for you, both for residential and commercial use.


Transformation of texture by pleats

seams, stitches and inserts

PAON DESIGN develops its own fabrics and can create exclusive textile designs for your special projects. We are known for the rich textures of our textile design wherein the transformation in the form of folds, seams, stitches, inserts, reliefs, dyeing and printing, becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


Window dressing, curtains,

curtains, blinds, covers and cushions

To adapt, adjust, transform, repair, and recuperate, PAON DESIGN performs the necessary touch-ups on your textile products: curtains, covers, bedspreads, various canvases, outdoors or indoors, etc. Do you know that it is possible to lengthen a curtain or even widen a cover? Use our creativity!


Custom design cushions, ottomans

and benches for indoors and outdoors

You’ve already imagined your textile product, you have created your own concept, you have made your sketches and you already have in mind the final product. All that remains is to make it. Or you have had something in mind for a long time and you need help to give it shape or just improve it. Creating, designing, and manufacturing, PAON DESIGN can take over the whole process and help you realize your projects.

Whether it is a product of your imagination or one that we work with you on useful details for the right approach, PAON DESIGN supports you in your project with creativity and a spirit of collaboration. Our team has the knowledge, techniques, equipment, space and especially the passion to develop each step of your project with you.


Upholstery fabrics and sofas, couch, benches, and chairs cover

If you have a piece of furniture and want to bring it up to date or restore it to its full potential and give it a second life, PAON DESIGN will support you in your project. We will help you cover your chairs, armchairs, headboards and do the upholstering if needed

Respect for the environment is greatly advocated by PAON DESIGN. To reduce our consumption, sometimes it is enough to start from an object we already own and for which a simple restoration would prolong its life. Thus, your cushions, bedspreads, pillows and so on can often be repaired. PAON DESIGN can help you, or you may simply reuse the material in a later project!



Textile design for creative corporate events

trade shows, conferences and training

At PAON DESIGN, creativity is also about simplicity. We join functionality and aesthetics without compromise, necessary for any commercial project. If a corporate touch is paramount to your concept we have creative solutions for making textile products tailored to your specific needs.


Curtains, blinds, dividers,

dividers, specialty cushions

chairs and treatment tables, covering

Combining functionality and style, textile products for medical, dental, cosmetic, or other clinical uses can be designed by PAON DESIGN. This will allow your product to stand out.


Window dressing, banners, screens,

chair and bench upholstery,

kitchen clothing and service attire

If you are a restaurant owner and are looking for quality and durable textile products for your restaurant, PAON DESIGN can do everything for you, from designing to manufacturing.


Window dressing, chair and bench upholstery

bedspreads, decorative cushions,

kitchen clothing and service attire

To make an impression at first glance and invites the customer to stay, and for the comfort that your customers will experience at your inn, PAON DESIGN fabricates all your textile products. The objective: sweet memories of moments spen.

All about fabrics & ingenuity