• Ingenuity and style in the
    service of the steel door

    A clever innovation

    The PAOMA magnetic blind is the solution for dressing the window of a steel door without having to drill into it. Made of fabric and composed of a system of magnets, without strings or clips, the blind offers a polished look and fits to the size of the window. A safe, functional and durable innovation.

    Intimacy and openness

    Choose to preserve your privacy or to open the view to the outside, PAOMA offers both options in the same magnetic blind, combining functionality and style.

    Security approved

    Designed to stay in place despite countless openings and closings of the door and to withstand the various manipulations, PAOMA was invented initially for a need for security, to which it responds effectively.

    Easy maintenance

    PAOMA can be removed quickly and it can be installed easily. It is also machine washable. A bag designed for this purpose allows one to insert the blind once removed from the rod. This ingenuity, simplicity and practicality represents the uniqueness of this product.

    Canadian Innovation

    The PAOMA magnetic blind was invented here in Quebec and made in the Laurentians. Currently patent pending, it was first the response to the specific need of a PAOMA DESIGN client, only to be recognized as the solution in steel door dressing. Its use is conclusive and a market study confirms interest for the PAOMA magnetic curtain.