All fabrics
PAON DESIGN imagines and creates fabric products for your home. The materials used are carefully selected with attention to detail as to their ultimate use and design needs. Thorough research is always carried out for every project. If your needs are more specific, PAON DESIGN can design and create a unique textile design just for you [link to SERVICES page]. All our choices and actions are guided by our eco-conscious values.

Curtains and Blinds
Window treatments entail a design process. Each window has its own unique style, colour, size and functionality. PAON DESIGN curtains and blinds are designed for your windows and manufactured according to your needs, no matter how specific they may be. We opt for simple solutions. Not only is installation trouble-free but curtains and blinds can easily be removed, washed and reinstalled. Do you have a steel door with a window? PAON DESIGN has invented the PAOMA blind and curtain system [PAOMA page link] to dress your steel door in style, with no holes needed.

Curtain on a Rail or Pole
For the perfect curtain in your freshly redesigned bathroom or to dress up a room separation, PAON DESIGN is the partner you need to find the curtain model of your dreams. If you are thinking of curtains, think PAON DESIGN!

Panels and Screens
Combine originality, elegance, and of course, functionality and you will end up with PAON DESIGN screens, decorative and sliding panels and dividers. With an infinite choice of colours, patterns and components, think of all the possibilities for your panels. Let us work our magic for you or bring us your own ideas.

Sofa and armchair slipcovers, quilts, comforters, bedspreads, cushions, mattresses, tables… a covering can change everything. Give your room a new lease on life, give your furniture a fresh new look, or revive an existing accessory that is not only economical but environmentally friendly as well! From a temporary makeover to a change of decor, why not choose a slipcover for a quick transformation and visual impact. It can even be interchangeable!

  • Home staging
  • Various events: receptions, weddings, parties
  • Interior decoration
  • Furniture protection

Cushions and Footstools
Cushions and footstools to embellish your living room’s décor, to add colour and practicality to the family room, or to decorate outdoor furniture with bold style and functionality, PAON DESIGN can create them for you. Don’t forget your little faithful companion! Your pet’s cushion can also benefit from the ingenious, stylized touch of PAON DESIGN. And what else? Cushions and footstools for your chairs and bed, cushions for lying down or sleeping, big cushions, small cushions, medium cushions, huge cushions… even cushions that can be used as an armchair! The only limits are those we set ourselves!

To look good, feel good and help you sleep, PAON DESIGN easy-to-maintain bedspreads are with you from evening to morning, or even for a siesta, all in beauty and comfort. The fabrics used are chosen for your daily well-being.

To add texture, padding or simply to cover the headboard, you will need a fabric specifically chosen to last, remain clean and be decorative at the same time. PAON DESIGN does everything for you!

Have you ever thought of covering a piece of furniture with fabric? The range of fabrics available today and the originality of projects developed will spark your imagination. PAON DESIGN has had the chance to carry out very original mandates and projects. Whether it’s a full or partial recovering of a piece of furniture, dare to decorate!

Decorative Elements
A deco idea in mind that requires working with fabric? PAON DESIGN has the creativity and hands of fairies to make it happen.